CIMPOR is a multinational cement group acquired in March 2024 by Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC), a company based in Taiwan with activities in the energy sector, battery manufacturing, and the production and commercialisation of cement and it´s derived products. TCC is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and the implementation of low-carbon technologies and renewable energies. Currently, TCC is the third-largest international player in the global cement market.


Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment

we commit to complying with all legal requirements, other applicable requirements, and those voluntarily pledged to our PEOPLE, ensuring integrity and fairness in all dealings with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders. We commit to caring for their safety, health, well-being, and quality of life, fighting against all forms of discrimination and abuse.

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Integrated Management Policy

An intrinsic commitment to Culture

CIMPOR is committed to the EXCELLENCE OF THE QUALITY of its products and services, to the ENVIRONMENT, to the SAFETY and OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH of its professionals...

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Company Structure

CIMPOR Portugal and Cape Verde


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Company Structure


Health and Safety are at the core of everything we do...

CIMPOR, leader of the Portuguese cement sector, excels in establishing new health and safety standards. Health and Safety are at the core of everything we do, from the daily routines at each manufacturing plant to those employed in our customers' workplaces and the surrounding communities...

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CIMPOR in numbers