CIMPOR CIMFlex 50 Grey Cement Adhesive

Flexible Cement based Grey Tile Adhesive for bonding small and medium-sized, ceramic tiles and natural stone, on both interior and exterior walls and floors.
  • 25 kg Bags.
  • 1600 kg Pallets (64 bags).

1 year from the manufacturing date, if stored in a dry place on the unopened original package.

Cement based Tile Adhesive, consisting of cement, selected aggregates and special additives.

  • Preparation of the surface
    • The surface must be flat, clean, degreased, and dry;
    • Assess the water absorption of the surface.
  • Preparation of the surface
    • Mix with 5 litres of water per 25 kg bag with a mechanical mixer until you get a uniform paste.
    • Leave to stand for 2 to 3 minutes before applying.
  • Application
    • Spread the Cement based Tile Adhesive over the surface using a notched trowel to obtain a regular and uniform thickness, always in small sections (1 to 2 m2);
    • Lay the tiles in the required position and press until the grooves of the adhesive disappear. The tile/ adhesive contact surface should be greater than 80%.
    • Gaps of at least 2 mm must be left between tiles, indoors and at least 6 mm outdoors. Tile grout can be applied between 24 and 48 hours after bonding.
  • Do not apply in extreme temperatures: <5º C and >30º C.
  • It should not be applied to icy surfaces, and strong winds and intense sun exposure should be avoided;
  • Once mixed, it can be applied up to 1 hour after mixing, but this time can be shorter if the weather conditions are dry and/or hot;
  • Adjust the size of the sections where the adhesive is applied to the weather conditions at the time of application to prevent premature drying of the product;
  • Do not add any more water after mixing;
  • Maximum thickness: 6 mm;
  • Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin and/or eyes;
  • Refer to the Data Sheet and Safety Information Sheet for more detailed information.
  • Initial adhesion (28 days) (N/mm2) ≥1,0
  • Adhesion after immersion in water (28 days)(N/mm2) ≥1,0
  • Adhesion after heating (28 days) (28 dias) (N/mm2) ≥1,0
  • Adhesion after freezing/unfreezing (28 days) (N/mm2) ≥1,0
  • Slippage (min) ≤0,5
  • Open time (min) 30
  • Transverse deformability(mm) ≥2,5
  • Average yields (depending on thickness) (kg/m2) 3 to 6