BE 45


Plasticized pallet - single-use
(for all products expt ARF, RIFLEX, LF-100 and LM-100)

Dry Mix Grey or White Concrete, for the production of site mixed concrete, equivalent to a C35/45∙XC4/XF1/XA1 (GB)∙Cl0,2∙Dmax5∙S3 concrete, according to BS EN 206-1.Available in Grey and White. Disponível em Cinzento e em Branco.
  • 25 kg Bags;
  • 1600 kg Pallets (64 bags).

1 year from the manufacturing date, if stored in a dry place on the unopened original package.

Dry concrete composed of Portland cement and classified aggregates.

  • Preparation of the surface
    • The surface must be clean and degreased;
    • For a correct cure, moisten the very absorbent surfaces and protect from wind and/or heavy use;
    • In high temperatures or strong winds, pre-moisten the surface.
  • Mixture
    • Add the amount of water indicated on the bag;
    • Thoroughly mix the added water to each bag;.
  • Application
    • The mortar must be applied within 1 hour of mixing, and no further water may be added.
  • Do not apply in extreme temperatures:<5º C and >30º C.
  • Do not apply to icy surfaces and avoid strong winds and intense sun exposure;
  • Do not add other products that modify the original formulation;
  • High temperatures decrease the life time of the mix, while lower temperatures increase it;
  • Do not remix the product once the hardening process has started;
  • Respect the specified amount of mixing water: increasing the amount of water will decrease the final strength;
  • Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin and/or eyes;
  • Refer to the Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.
  • Compressive strength (N/mm2) ≥45
  • Maximum aggregate size 5 mm
  • Mixing water 9.5%
  • Average yields (kg/m3) 2200 ± 200