Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment

we commit to complying with all legal requirements, other applicable requirements, and those voluntarily pledged to our PEOPLE, ensuring integrity and fairness in all dealings with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders. We commit to caring for their safety, health, well-being, and quality of life, fighting against all forms of discrimination and abuse.

we commit to continuously evaluating and minimising our environmental impact to protect our environment, which includes pollution prevention and promoting the continuous training and commitment of employees and suppliers to the best and most responsible environmental, health, safety and social practices.

by running activities alongside institutions, populations involved in operational activities, and educational establishments.

To provide clear, comprehensive information about our operations, achievements, policies, and the performance of the internal departments of Operational, Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety.

To maximise performance as a way in which to guarantee that year after year, the company is able to provide investments, return on shareholders' equity, and adequate conditions for professionals, promoting their involvement through participation and periodic discussions.

To guarantee the highest quality of solutions proposed and delivered to customers and to continuously invest in improving company operations and professionals.