Transport services

We move about 2.5 million tonnes of raw materials per year...

Cimpor carries out intense logistics activity, moving about 2.5 million tons of raw materials, products and other subsidiary materials by road and rail every year.

CIMPOR Logistics is a service provided by CIMPOR - SERVIÇOS S.A., which operates as a freight forwarder and it is responsible for the organisation of land and sea transport both within Portugal and internationally, on behalf of either shipper or receiver involving, in particular, planning, control, monitoring, coordination and management of the operations necessary to execute the formalities and procedures required to ship, receive, and circulate goods. Cimpor operations also includes the contracting of road and rail freight companies and other transport agents to ensure the transport of goods in a multimodal environment.
It operates mainly within the CIMPOR Group, where it moves around 2.5 million tonnes per year by road and rail.

Its fundamental objective is to ensure supply and distribution to the CIMPOR Group, guaranteeing shipment deadlines and receipt of products transported in the quantity and quality required.  

Its business is divided into the supply of Solid Fuels and Raw Materials to the Production Units of the CIMPOR Group and the distribution of products produced and marketed by CIMPOR to its Customers and Commercial depots, where it mainly provides bulk and bagged Cement, Lime and Mortar transport services.  

At the same time, it carries out intensive import and export activity, ensuring the transportation of goods between CIMPOR's Production Units and Portuguese Sea Ports.