Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction Mortars


Mortar for various uses designed to be part of a sustainable and energetically efficient constructive system.


Name Description / Goal order
LF 100 Lightweight Floor screed, with improved thermal performance, for both exterior and interior floors, not intended as wearing surfaces. 2
LM 100 Lightweight masonry mortar with improved thermal performance for building internal and external brick and light concrete block walls. 3
RVTERM Mortar for bonding and coating expanded (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards on vertical, internal and external walls. 1


Technical Support:
CIMPOR is available to provide the market, and other stake holders, with all necessary technical support, in order to always seek the best solution for each specific need, within a spirit of partnership building, taking into account both the quality of the construction and respecting the environment.

Silo Rental/Transport Service - Bulk:
Within Mainland Portugal,  Cimpor provides rental options of 20m3 metal silos transported by tanker truck, which come equipped to mix and pump, either using gravity or employing pneumatic supply


CIARGA, Argamassas Secas S.A., part of the CIMPOR group, produces mortar. It has an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System certified according to PS EN ISO 9001:2015, PS EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. It is committed to providing high-quality products, client satisfaction, ensuring environmentally friendly practices, and the health and safety of all stakeholders.