Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is seen as a strategic value at Cimpor, one achieved by not only approaching communities local to company operations but also as a path to implementing charitable, community-focused practices.

A company mindful of the importance of social awareness, Cimpor seeks to make changes in the communities within which it operates, building close, privileged relationships with local populations. As such, the company has developed a set of initiatives that seek to impact every part of these communities, from the social, educational and cultural facets to sports.

We believe that by implementing this wide range of initiatives, we will be able to enhance the development of these groups, intensifying our relationships with the various stakeholders and, in turn, generating significant benefits for the company.

Open doors

We invite our communities in so that they may get to know more about us and understand what CIMPOR does. This initiative helps bring the company closer to populations so that it may hear their perceptions. These actions underpin the building of sustainable partnerships with key players within civil society, including schools, parish councils, city councils and universities.

Cementing Solidarity

One of the main activities within the company's Social Responsibility Programme.  The "CIMPOR volunteers" main event. Our charitable team give up a day of their rest to fully embrace the gift of giving.  Cimpor promotes and stimulates these values thanks to the strengthening effect of days like this on ties with local communities.

Baby Week

Run by UNICEF, this event is held in Cape Verde with the aim of ensuring adequate care is provided to children aged 6 and under, ensuring their right to survival and development.

This initiative promotes a range of activities held in both public and private areas, which contribute to renewed care and attention being given to babies and children. 

Cimpor Alhandra Run and Walk

Cimpor holds an annual athletics event in Alhandra to raise money for a charity close to our hearts.