United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to strengthen the bonds of trust built between the business world and its stakeholders, many countries around the world came together under the umbrella of the EU to establish Sustainable Development priorities and aspirations for 2030 in the 2nd semester of 2015.

Seeking to combine efforts on a global scale and as a way in which to positively impact society, a set of objectives and targets were established for our operations that are in line with the (UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDG).

The sheer magnitude of these SDGs requires a response made up of large actions, which is why we have committed to: 

• Promoting sustainability and environmental strategies and business solutions that focus on achieving SDG outcomes with a focus firmly placed on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights - in our operations, value chain and business relationships;

• Providing environmental conditions that stimulate and strengthen an active and purposeful role taken by our company and the private sector;

• Sharing knowledge, strategies and tools to foster the integration of SDG in business circles.

Our current policies cover a good part of the 17 SDG, whether directly or indirectly, although some are implemented on a much smaller scale than others. In order to really make a difference, CIMPOR will focus on a smaller number of objectives towards which it is able to work, therefore progressing further in the future. 

As part of its Sustainability Agenda, CIMPOR is working towards implementing initiatives and presenting structured progress towards the general outcomes of some of the SDG.

CIMPOR is committed to doing its part and to encouraging other players to take part through formal or informal partnerships.