Betão Liz, S.A. is a pioneer and driving force of the Ready-Mix Concrete industry in Portugal, having opened their first concrete production plant in 1965 in Lisbon.

Betão Liz has been involved in the most notable civil engineering projects conducted across Portugal, having, to date, produced and supplied more than 45 million cubic metres of concrete for public and private constructions.

Betão Liz currently operates with 36 plants the country, from Minho in the north to the Algarve in the south.

Betão Liz produces and sells ready mix concrete and mortar, ensuring the highest quality while prioritising safety and the environment. Their commitment to continuous development, alongside these other factors, is set out in their Integrated Management Policy.

The Quality Management Team ensures quality assurance of all products supplied by Betão Liz. This department comprises members of the Central Laboratory alongside Product and Market Managers, ensuring production is managed across Betão Liz plants.

CIMPOR actively produces and sells Concrete out of 6 Manufacturing Plants in the Alentejo region via affiliate company IBERA .


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Betão Liz actively works in Research, Development, and Innovation in Technology, accepting new challenges, creating unique solutions tailored to client needs, and prioritising continuous development and client satisfaction above all else.

The main services provided are the transportation and pumping of concrete and technical and laboratory support.


Betão Liz has been granted APCER certification for its Integrated Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management System.

The Integrated Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management System operate in accordance with the following standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 45001, NP EN ISO 14001, NP EN 206, EN 998-1, EN 998-2 and EN 13813, seeking to establish methodologies and responsibilities for the processes identified so as to continuously guarantee:

  • the involvement of all employees in implementing and developing the Integrated System;
  • client satisfaction through the supply of products and services that meet statutory and regulatory, as well as client, requirements;
  • the improvement of process efficacy and, consequently, of the System itself.

The company aims to ensure that replicable management practices are enforced so as to guarantee the sustainability of its business while optimising the performance of processes and quality of products and services. By considering the positive and negative influences and effects on the company, protecting the environment, and improving their employees' health and safety conditions at work, they create and maintain long-lasting relations with other stakeholders, translating into long-term benefits.