Human Resources

Human Resources

In order to meet current and future challenges, Cimpor relies on the support of its talents and a solid structure to help them achieve their goals.  

We know how important it is to really look after our Human Resources, valuing their progression and development, focusing on learning, and providing the environment they need for continuous improvement. 

We invest and seek to attract, develop and onboard talents from all backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that working at Cimpor gives our people the chance to embark on a stimulating, rewarding career in which they'll really be able to make a difference! 

Cimpor Recruitment

Cimpor is constantly developing and growing, seeking motivated professionals to work in a variety of business areas. We now intend to strengthen our team by bringing in new faces - people keen to develop professionally and build a solid career in an international company. 

You can apply to Cimpor by responding to the Job offers currently open here.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it!"

Peter Drucker


Cimpor Academy

In a bid to boost its investment into developing and onboarding young graduates, the company founded the Cimpor Academy in 2020.

Providing professional internships as part of an Academy enables us to bring young people into the company more easily than ever, providing them with a direct path into daily company operations, actively contributing to their academic training and professional development.   

The deep-seated need to value development and boost process innovation is a core value here at Cimpor. As such, and in a bid to recognise the importance of integrating our practices with teaching and research, Cimpor is in permanent contact with universities and actively participates in job fairs to keep its ears to the ground in terms of new talents.

Cimpor Academy is a privileged path into the company. This initiative aims to provide young graduates with a unique opportunity to acquire and consolidate knowledge and skills on the job, in a way that is both specialised and practical, enhancing their personal and professional development. 

Cimpor Academy is mainly geared towards the areas of science and technology. Participants enrol for 12 months, following a pre-established plan with the permanent support of a tutor. In addition, Cimpor Academy trainees may be eligible for a merit scholarship for postgraduate studies.

Training and Development

Cimpor aims to be at the forefront of evolution and innovation. We constantly assess needs with the aim of achieving the proposed goals is a constant task and seeks to establish a link with the creation of new opportunities for development and professional achievement of employees, intending to give them the necessary tools so that they have a promising future.

Cimpor's strategic vision includes investing in the human potential of its employees, which relies on the implementation of management policies and both personal and professional development. Cimpor's training plan reflects a clear commitment to providing employees with consistent support and monitoring, allowing for knowledge to be shared and skills recycled through participation in behavioural, technical and management training sessions.

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