Here at CIMPOR, our environmental concern is one of the main strategic factors employed to boost our competitiveness. As such, it has sought to successively implement the most advanced technology and environmentally-friendly solutions so as to reduce the impact of its operations.

Important steps, such as becoming ISO 14001 certified in 2003 and successfully registering in the EU EMAS Scheme (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) in 2006 for all manufacturing units in Portugal, reflect CIMPOR's concern with improving the environmental conditions of its operations, preventing and controlling the pollution produced by its manufacturing units, and implementing practices to restore landscapes in areas surrounding quarries.

Land use modelling, reforestation and other land uses according to approved restoration plans.

Environmental Certification

CIMPOR implemented standard NP EN ISO 14001 for all manufacturing units in Portugal, having obtained Environmental Certification in 2003 as a corporate priority, representing an important instrument of progress towards sustainable development.

In 2015, the integration of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems was initiated, having been implemented and certified over the years. Nowadays, CIMPOR benefits from an integrated management system that has been certified according to standards NP EN ISO 9001:2015 for the production and commercialization of our own cements and commercialization of white cement, hydraulic lime and dry mortars, NP EN ISO 14001:2015, for the activities of cement production and exploration of the respective quarries and ISO 45001:2018, implemented to respond to the needs of the entire organisation in terms of planning, controlling and monitoring any activities that impact on the health and safety of workers, whether direct or indirect.

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EMAS Registration

The Loulé and Alhandra manufacturing plants were registered in the EMAS scheme (the first in Portugal), on 17th of October and 27th of December 2005, respectively. Upon last registration, only one other Iberian cement plant was registered in EMAS, further highlighting the importance and difficulty of joining this scheme for all cement plants within the company.

On 24th of January 2006, Souselas plant was granted registration in EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), thus  concluding the registration process of the company's three cement plants in Portugal.

But more recently, on November 9, 2022, the Portuguese Environmental Agency stopped the Souselas Production Center's registration; number PT-000043 (competent national body for EMAS). This happened as a result of circumstances where in the noise levels emitted outside the facility ( which were recorded & tested in the 2021 Environmental Declaration) exceeded the nocturnal noise level permitted.

Esse objetivo estratégico, planeado desde 1993, ano de criação da primeira versão do EMAS, e oficialmente assumido a partir de 1999 com a assinatura do Contrato de Melhoria Contínua de Desempenho Ambiental, tem um especial significado para a CIMPOR, já que é a confirmação, por parte das autoridades competentes, da sua postura relativamente aos compromissos estabelecidos, nomeadamente:

This strategic objective, planned since 1993, the year in which the first version of the EMAS was created, was officially assumed since 1999 with the signing of the Contract for the Continuous Improvement of Environmental Performance. This event was particularly significant to CIMPOR as providing confirmation by the competent authorities of our position in relation to established commitments, specifically: Implementation and maintenance of an Integrated Management System; Systematic and periodic evaluation of the implemented procedures; Training and professional development of employees in order to allow and stimulate their active involvement in improving the company environmental performance; Periodically informing of its environmental behaviour and performance, employing transparency in the dialogue with all interested parties.

Registration in the EMAS of the Alhandra and Loule manufacturing plants.

Environmental Statements

According to EU EMAS Regulation, Environmental Statemens have been drafted, audited and published over the years in order to communicate and provide updates on the environmental performance as well as compliance with applicable legal obligations relating to the environment of each of Cimpor's cement plants in Portugal:

Environmental Statement 2021: Alhandra Loulé | Souselas*
*Publication not authorized due to ongoing suspension process

Environmental Statement Updated 2020: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2019: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement 2018: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2017: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2016: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement 2015: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2014: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2013: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement 2012: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2011: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Statement Updated 2010: Alhandra Loulé Souselas

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for “PORTUGUESE “GREY” CEMENT is now registered in the DAP Habitat system - the national registration programme for Type III Environmental Declarations for products and systems in the construction sector - and may be found here either for information or download.

The national registration programme has been approved by ECOPlatform - the association that brings together various EPD registration programmes at European level.

The registration of this EPD is the most remarkable and objective result of a research project dedicated to the inventory and life cycle assessment (LCA) of cement carried out at C5LAB C5LAB - Sustainable Construction Materials Association - the collaborative laboratory of the Portuguese cement industry. ATIC - Associação Técnica da Indústria do Cimento www.atic.pt (the Portuguese cement association) who developed the forthcoming phases (selection of the system operator, preparation of the report, and follow –up of the third party verification tasks) is the owner of the EPD.

This project will provide valid and accurate elements for life cycle assessment of buildings and construction works and may become an exceptionally helpful tool in optimising processes and improving the environmental performance of cement. The Portuguese cement industry has thus taken another step in its commitment to environmental sustainability.

CIMPOR is proud to have been a committed participant in this project and enthusiastically congratulates ATIC on this registration and the C5LAB researchers on their doctoral work and on the outstanding example of Academy/ Industry cooperation the achievement of this registration achievement means.