Central Laboratory

Where we are and what we do

CIMPOR's Central Laboratory is based in Praceta Teofilo Araujo Rato, 2600-540 Alhandra-Portugal.

Its primary function is to support, develop and improve the production processes and quality of products produced in the CIMPOR, OYAK group manufacturing plants.

Our Central Laboratory provides technical support by conducting laboratory tests and studies in the areas of “Technical Sales Assistance” and “Engineering & Technology”.

The lab also prioritises studies that seek to develop new or existing products in the cement and concrete industry, as well as R&D studies on any new cement clinkers and hydraulic materials, seeking to make cement and concrete ever more sustainable construction materials.

The Laboratory also provides laboratory services to other entities that request services in its specialist areas, as well as those required to comply with regulatory requirements and standards PS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and PS EN ISO 9001.

Our Central Laboratory has been accredited as meeting the PS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard since 1998