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A leader in cement production and sales throughout Portugal, CIMPOR offers a wide range of products for diverse, and increasingly challenging, projects and constructions.

Our dedicated team of experienced staff know the ins and outs of cement and cement production and their constant attention and response to current civil construction challenges, allow us to offer a wide range of quality products and optimised processes.

At CIMPOR, our cement meets the requirements of standard “PS EN 197-1:2012 Cement - Part 1: Composition, specifications, and conformity criteria for common cements”, which classifies cements into different types that are then divided into three strength classes. In compliance with the other legal requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, all CIMPOR cements are certified and carry CE marking.

In addition to product certifications, CIMPOR has had its Quality Management System certified as meeting standard PS EN ISO 9001:2015, having been awarded the highest recognition for its rigorous, exacting policies geared toward meeting CIMPOR customer, and other stakeholder needs.



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Technical Support: Cement and Hydraulic lime
The Technical Sales Department at CIMPOR offers a personalised information and consulting service that aims to provide products in line with the expectations of stakeholders operating in the current construction market - architects and engineers, concrete and mortar producers, builders, contractors and consultants, among others.

This department comprises certified technicians with experience in multiple areas relating to the production and use of cement, concrete and mortars.

The services provided include; support in selecting cement for specific projects, concrete composition evaluation, providing information relating to product quality, and consulting regarding frameworks applied to the certification of construction materials.

CIMPOR's Central Laboratory also provides any services necessary should laboratory studies and tests be required.

Transport Service 
Cimpor provides bulk transportation services for cement and Hydraulic lime via 25-ton truck.

Production Process

Description of the manufacturing phase - (pdf for download)

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CIMPOR INDÚSTRIA is certified in the following Management Systems::

In addition to that, since 2005, CIMPOR has had its 3 Production Centers in Alhandra, Loulé and Souselas registered within EMAS(2) – Community Eco-Management and Audit System, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 25th November 2009, as amended, further promoting the continuous improvement and transparency of the communication of its environmental performance.

(1)  Applicable to CIMPOR INDÚSTRIA, for production and commercialization of cements and commercialization of Hydraulic lime, White Cement and Dry Mortars.
(2)  Applicable to the plants of Alhandra, Loulé and Souselas.
(3)  Applicable to the plants of Alhandra, Loulé and Souselas and Maia, São Pedro da Torre, Darque, Castelo Novo and Régua Depots.