Declaração de Antuérpia


CIMPOR has signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal:

Antwerp Declaration – 73 industry leaders spanning almost 20 industrial sectors presented ‘The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal’ to Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo and Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. The declaration underlines the commitment of industry to Europe and its transformation and outlines urgent industry needs to make Europe competitive, resilient, and sustainable.

CIMPOR has signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal:
We sign up for the Antwerp Declaration because we recognize the urgent need for collective action to address the environmental challenges facing our industry and our planet. By joining the Antwerp Declaration, CIMPOR reaffirms its steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices within an European Industrial Deal framework that also confronts the current challenges of economic slowdown, high energy prices, and strong global competition, while establishing a context of confidence in Europe’s industrial future.

CIMPOR understands the significant role that the cement industry plays in global carbon emissions and acknowledge our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint while remaining competitive.

We believe that by actively participating in this initiative, we can contribute to meaningful progress towards reducing carbon emissions, promoting circular economy principles, and fostering sustainable construction practices. Together, let us cement our commitment to sustainability through the Antwerp Declaration and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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Cimpor na EnviroTech 2024


CIMPOR at EnviroTech 2024

The EnviroTech 2024 Conference and Exhibition organized by World Cement took place in Lisbon, from March 10th to 13th, 2024, and brought together leading figures in the global cement industry.

Suat CALBIYIK, Chairman of the CIMPOR Global Board, and Berkan Fidan, CIMPOR Global CTO, participated in the conference with their speeches titled "deOHclay: Operational Experiences from the Pioneer," sharing industrial experience and vision on calcined clay production technologies and calcined clay blended cements, which are important strategies of CIMPOR Global's Sustainability and Decarbonization Roadmap, along with their latest updates.

Betão Liz reabre Centro de Produção de Famalicão


Betão Liz Reopens Famalicão Production Centre

We are proud to mark the reopening of Betão Liz's production centre in Gavião - Famalicão, completely renovated after 10 years of closure. This milestone represents not only the resumption of operations, but also a new chapter in our history. The modernisation of this facility reflects our commitment to offering quality products and services while boosting the local economy.

We are excited to resume production and strengthen ties with the community.

Parque fotovoltaico da Maia


Maia photovoltaic park: Investing in the future with sustainable energy

The project to install Self-Consumption Production Units (UPAC) at the Maia Commercial Depot is underway. The installation of 1.500 solar panels will generate approximately 1 300 MWh per year, avoiding the emission of 450 tonnes of CO2. The aim is to autonomously produce around 40% of our energy needs, further reducing indirect CO2 emissions.

This is another significant step towards building a more sustainable future.

With a total investment of 192k €, the project is funded by the EU through the Next Generation EU and the Portuguese/EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Click here to read the project sheet.



Safety first. 2.000 days without lost-time injuries at SACOPOR

It is with great pride that we celebrate 2.000 days without lost-time injuries at SACOPOR!

Many congratulations to the entire team for their unwavering commitment to safety at work.

This achievement is the result of everyone's daily commitment.

May we continue to have Safety as a Value, in everything we do.

entrega de prémios

Cimpor Awards

Construir 2023 Awards

CIMPOR proudly sponsored the trophy ceremony for the winners of the 16th edition of the Construir 2023 Awards, held at the @Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot. This initiative, organised by @Jornal Construir, celebrated the talent and effort of companies and professionals from the various construction sectors.

CIMPOR has been a sponsor of the Construir Awards since 2017 and, in this edition, was present at the event with a stand to promote the brand's range of products.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Discover the highlights of this edition at



CIMPOR at Tektónica 2023.

CIMPOR was present at TEKTÓNICA from the 4th to the 7th of May 2023, at FIL - Feira Internacional de Lisboa.

Committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 37% by 2030, here are some of the initiatives that Cimpor presented in the quest for carbon neutrality by 2050:

CIMPOR sponsors new season of “Querido Mudei a Casa”


CIMPOR sponsors new season of “Querido Mudei a Casa”

CIMPOR renewed its sponsorship of “Querido Mudei a Casa, ready for the New 2022 season.

The strong human component and the professionalism of the programme, which “changes the lives of so many families”, are factors that ensure its continued popularity on Portuguese television.

Continuing a partnership that began in 2017, CIMPOR seeks to both support the programme and advertise its wide range of construction solutions sure to meet the specifics of any project, particularly dry mortars, tile grout, and cement-based adhesives.

Click here for more information about this product range. 



CIARGA - ARGAMASSAS SECAS, S. A., a company within the Cimpor group was named an innovative company at the COTEC INNOVATION SUMMIT 2022

This public recognition of CIARGA’s performance in innovation is an excellent example of value generated within the country, affording a notable contribution to the brand’s visibility and image.

We’re committed to strengthening our country!

For more information about the event please click here



Cimpor sponsors "Álvaro Siza in Detail”

On the 8th of June, the Book “Álvaro Siza in detail” – volume 1 was launched at the Fernando Távora auditorium at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, the publication of which was sponsored by CIMPOR.

In addition to Álvaro Siza Vieira, architects Eduardo Souto de Moura, António Madureira, and Nuno Teixeira also attended the book launch. This 2-volume work, edited by House Details Architecture, contains references to three projects by Siza Vieira: Casa na Maia (co-deaigned with António Madureira), Casa Nuno Sousa, and Casa na Foz Velha, which include technical drawings, text, photographs and an interview. 

The architect behind a panoply of projects both within Portugal and abroad, Álvaro Siza Vieira is recognised as being the most renowned Portuguese architect and one of the most relevant names in World Architecture. Having been the first Portuguese architect to win the Pritzker award in 1992, Álvaro Siza was followed by Eduardo Souto de Moura, who won the international award in 2011.

CIMPOR is proud to have been part of such a relevant publication, the high quality and diligence of which is considered a “treasure” by the most renowned Portuguese architect of all time.

Cimpor sponsored the 16th Lisbon ICAAR 2020-2022


Cimpor sponsored the 16th Lisbon ICAAR 2020-2022

CIMPOR sponsored the 16th International Conference on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction Proceedings, which took place between the 31st of May and the 2nd of June 2022 at the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) in Lisbon.

Run by the LNEC, ICAAR 2020-2022 aimed to approach and discuss various topics related to the deterioration of concrete (due to ASR - Alkali-silica reaction) and the resulting structural consequences. This international conference was attended by over one hundred people, including researchers, academics, and AAR professionals from various countries. 

In addition to three days of plenary lectures and scientific and technical sessions, the conference also hosted a technical visit to affected and rehabilitated structures in Central Portugal between the 3rd and 5th of June.

CIMPOR therefore benefited from this scientific and technical gathering, which promoted the sharing of knowledge and experiences in the field.



Cimpor sponsored the 10th Portuguese road/rail Congress

CIMPOR sponsored The 10th Portuguese road/rail Congress, which took place in Lisbon from July 5–7, 2022, at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

This event's theme, "The digitalization and transformation of the transport system," aimed to draw attention to a crucial component, an intelligent transportation system. Many topics relating to rail and road traffic were on the agenda.

This edition of the Congress, which was sponsored by the Portuguese road/rail Center, included Angola as a guest nation, in addition to the participation of representatives from other CPLP nations. In all, about 350 people took part.

In this way, CIMPOR hopes to contribute to the quest for more effective, strategic economic growth in the transportation industry. This gathering was helpful for the sharing of information & experience amongst the attendees.  

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Industrial Mortars, the Smart Solution


Industrial Mortars, the Smart Solution

CIMPOR’s range of mortars is a smart solution designed to cater to various applications – from plastering to masonry and flooring. In addition to the guaranteed quality ensured by the CIMPOR brand, our mortars have proven themselves across the numerous projects in which they have been employed to date.

They may be the most common elements used in construction, but mortars are also the most undervalued. This devaluation can be seen across many levels of the construction process, ranging from design to execution, leading to various outcomes.

When mortar is undervalued during the design of a building, the most common marker is a simplistic description of the mortar to be used, based on no more than a few markers and with little concern paid to their specific purpose in each phase of the work. In fact, even in cases where distinct features are established for mortars, the truth is that many do not identify the type of cement or sand that should be used. To add to the points mentioned above, a lack of specification, regulation and even guidance makes it particularly difficult to determine the traits required for the mortar in terms of the measurable performance characteristics that must be considered for each type of mortar used.

This means that the selection, conservation, and use of materials intended for mortars musttake place on-site, where they are also mixed - all matters deemed to be of little importance. In fact, it is common for the entire mortar preparation process to be carried out by less experienced teams, its on-site application left unmonitored.


Rapid development in the construction sector, which began in the second half of the 1990s, has naturally led to new problems and circumstances requiring new solutions. The explosion of construction itself has, from the outset, led to a search for solutions that increase efficiency – efficiency is required due to more contracts being entered into and shorter completion times.

In Portugal, this shift has led to a surge in the use of industrial mortars, specifically with the emergence of bulk solutions, which made it possible to respond to many of the inefficiencies of mortars when applied on-site. The sale of pre-mixed mortars eliminates the time required to mix them on-site, freeing up the labour previously used for this task for the execution of other tasks that provide more value.

Storage of mortar in silos allows for more ready-to-use mortar to be stored in the same area rather than traditional solutions. In addition, the fact that they are produced industrially, with all the related advantages in terms of product constancy and dosage accuracy, means they can be applied both manually and mechanically which is method of applying plastering mortars with a very high productivity rates.


In addition to these advantages is the increased ease of maintaining site cleanliness (thanks to the absence/reduction of sand piles) and, where pneumatic mortar transport systems can be used, a significant decrease in the need for lifting equipment.

In the last 15 years, a recession has been witnessed in the construction sector, which has led to a resumption of traditional methods of mortar production for purely cost-related reasons. However, two factors havecome together to limit this recession: the fact that it is always challenging to go back to less efficient methods and the changes in the nature of the work.

The latter is, to a large extent, the leading cause for the expansion of industrial mortars. Despite the decrease in the average size of the projects, their nature has changed, particularly in terms of increasing numbers of renovation and restoration work in urban areas, which pose their own challenges. These have led to the need for technically more demanding solutions requiring smaller machines and therefore less storage space.


As such, CIMPOR has been developing solutions that meet market needs, employing a combination of continuous development and experience gained over two decades to provide solutions specifically adapted to the developments witnessed in the construction sector.

CIMPOR’s range of mortars caters to a wide range of applications – plastering, masonry, and flooring. In addition to the guaranteed quality ensured by the CIMPOR brand, our mortars have proven themselves across the numerous projects for which they have been employed to date. Notable projects include the CUF Tejo Hospital, Villa Baixa and, more recently, LX Living.



Cimpor attends the Construir 2021 Awards Ceremony

The 14th edition of the Construir Awards ceremony took place at the Cineteatro Capitólio, Parque Mayer, in Lisbon, on the 13th of December.

Promoted by the Jornal Construir and sponsored by CIMPOR, this initiative aims to distinguish the effort and the talent of companies, institutions and professionals from the various sectors of Construction, particularly in the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Construction and Real Estate.

Resulting from the vote of Jornal Construir readers, the awards were delivered to the companies and projects which stood out for their innovation, boldness, excellence and merit, in 2021.

Congratulations to all Nominees, Winners and to the Jornal Construir for the initiative.

Click on Winners and Nominees to access full information about the "Construir 2021 Awards". 




516 Arouca the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world

Suspended in the sky, in the middle of the Arouca Geopark - a recognised UNESCO Global Geopark - lies the 516 Arouca bridge, connecting the Canelas and Alvarenga riverbanks.

The 516 Arouca is composed of steel railings and cables, forming its 516-metre-long span, with a width of 1.20 metres, and 175-metre-height as it towers above the Paiva River.

The metal grid decking, which is supported by dozens of steel cables, rests on two concrete pillars. Supplied by Betão Liz- Esmoriz, a CIMPOR Group company, the main concrete used in these projectswas C30/37.S4.XC4(P).D22.Cl0,4 (CPF). The main supply difficulty encountered was the time taken to reach the site, which could be up to 2 hours, requiring special adjuvants to ensure the concrete remained workable for a longer time.

Crossing the 516 Arouca bridge is a fantastic experience, but there is so much more to enjoy here

Whether from the top of the bridge or on the footpaths leading up to it, the views are spectacular and the surrounding natural world is mostly untouched.

In this classified area, which is part of Rede Natura 2000, eagle-eyed visitors are likely to see several magnificent species of bird, from the large short-toed snake eagle to the tiny two-tailed pasha, in what is also the natural habitat of roe deer, wild rabbits, red squirrels, otters, Iberian wolves, common buzzards and so many more.

Home to hundreds of animals, some of which are endangered species, the geopark is a true refuge for so much fauna. Beyond the fauna, the flora is also diverse and rich here throughout the year.

Click here for more information and a video of the iconic structure in the Municipality of Arouca.



Prefabricated building in Vale de Cambra voted "Building of the year 2021" by Archdaily

The Portuguese prefabricated collective housing project located in Vale de Cambra, in the district of Aveiro, was awarded 2nd Prize for Building of the Year in the Portuguese-speaking world by ArchDaily, one of the most notable architectural websites worldwide. 

Designed by Portuguese architectural firm Summary, this peculiar project uses prefabricated and modular construction systems to make up two floors: the ground floor, which is intended to function as multifunctional service areas leading directly out onto the public road, which can be transformed into an open space, and the upper floor can encompass 6 housing units with 45m2 .

Farcimar, a local, Auroca-based company founded in 1989, managed the building work on this project, having been recognised for its quality, innovation, and specialisation in prefabricated products and execution of projects. 

The walls are entirely free from paint and coatings, both inside and outside, the precast reinforced concrete - the primary material used in the Construction - being kept visible throughout this 998m2 building. CEM II/A-L 42.5 R cement, supplied by CIMPOR, was used to produce the precast elements.

Primarily focused on producing and marketing, recognised, certified, quality products, CIMPOR, the market leader of the Portuguese cement sector, is proud to have contributed to this Portuguese development that excels in innovation, quality, and versatility.

Click here to view the Technical File.



CIMPOR joins Portugal Sou Eu

CIMPOR recently joined the Portugal Sou Eu programme, an initiative run by the Ministry of Economy, aiming to promote and enhance the National Economy by identifying products and services of Portuguese origin.

CIMPOR's goal for sustainable economic growth is to mobilise and actively involve the Country, by encouraging national manufacturing and promoting the consumption of Portuguese products and services.

We commit to empowering our Country!



CIMPOR Brand – Best Relevance and Emotional Reputation Index in 2020

CIMPOR brand ranked first in the Construction and Engineering Sector in 2020, in terms of Relevance and Emotional Reputation indicators, according to the Reputation Study of Brands in Portugal – RepScore 2021 – run by consulting firm OnStrategy.

This annual study runs continuously in compliance with the ISO20671 (strategy and strength assessment) and ISO10668 (financial evaluation) standards, covering over 40 business sectors and more than 2000 brands, auditing their Relevance, Positioning and Reputation among the Portuguese population, with 2020 encompassing a short period pre-pandemic, followed by the full onset of the pandemic. 

CIMPOR stood out in the areas of awareness, admiration, relevance, trust, preference, and recommendation. It also registered the highest growth in these attributes in the Construction and Engineering Sector.

We commit to empowering our Country!



Cement Adhesives Tailored to All Needs


Tile and stone wall cladding are SOME OF the most widely used in Portugal. This trend has come about mainly a result of both technical and aesthetic factors, as well as the durability and resistance of these materials to weather conditions, not to mention, of course, the historical heritage of both.

In fact, it is a system that, when used effectively, contributes to building durability and resistance while also providing a pleasant aesthetic in keeping with Portuguese tradition. The fact that these materials are, for the most part, produced in Portugal, should also be highlighted, both because choosing these materials means supporting national industry and because of the reduced environmental impact (carbon footprint) of using locally sourced materials.

However, it has often been found that problems and anomalies tend to arise with these types of claddings over time. In this regard, it is worth noting the extent to which tile and stone may be loosened and fall off buildings, in addition to the other problems a building may present, which, in extreme cases, may become a risk hazard. These anomalies have been found to affect the general perception of the benefits of tile and stone cladding. However, these anomalies often result from factors that are, in fact, perfectly avoidable. One common cause for tile and stone coming loose is an inappropriate material being selected with which to fit the cladding.

In Portugal, tile and stone are overwhelmingly installed using cement-based adhesives. These adhesives have been produced industrially for several decades, and unlike other building materials, the use of uncontrolled, on-site solutions is commonplace. However, while cement adhesives are made using properly controlled industrial processes and tend to be well-applied, the issue remains in selecting the most appropriate adhesive for the job.

According to studies conducted over the last decade, most of the cement adhesives sold in Portugal are on the lower end of the performance scale. They are usually intended exclusively for indoor use, to apply small, porous pieces, and are therefore completely unsuitable for outdoor use. These same studies also reveal that the most frequently sold tiles in this country are made of low absorption materials, often intended for outdoor façades or flooring. These two facts lead us to an alarming conclusion: the tile and stone cladding on our buildings is often applied using adhesives that aren't fit for the purpose.

Some market players have been made aware of the issues relating to the durability of buildings thanks to continuous efforts made by associations connected to the sector. As such, they have begun requiring that high-performance cement adhesives are used (CIMFLEX 40, 50 and 60 range), even for indoor applications, when the properties of the materials to be bound would allow for the use of an adhesive with a much lower performance. Although this trend does not have any adverse effects on the quality or durability of the façades, it may result in an increased cost without providing added value.


Continuously seeking improvement and excellence, and to help our customers avoid problems such as these, which tend to arise either as a result of either a lack of awareness or of knowledge, CIMPOR has launched its own range of cement adhesives. The - CIMFLEX - range of products is most suitable for outdoor applications, clearly differing from more conventional products -  CIMBASIC and CIMPRO, which are best suited for indoor use only.

The CIMFLEX range, which consists exclusively of flexible cement adhesives, comes in three different versions, aiming to meet the various technical requirements inherent in the outdoor application of tile and natural stone. In increasing order of performance, these are: CIMFLEX 40, CIMFLEX 50 and CIMFLEX 60.

The more conventional range, for indoor use, is provided in two versions: CIMBASIC, the best value product, but which is only suitable for the application of porous, traditional, small ceramic tiles, and CIMPRO, which is suitable for use with most tiles applied to indoor environments with no special technical requirements. Our familiarity with the entire range of tile and stone applications means that CIMPOR also provides a range of 16 colours of mortar joint sealants. The TAPAJUNTAS FLEXÍVEL is suitable for indoor and outdoor joints ranging between 1 and 15 mm. Like any CIMPOR solution, our cement adhesives are manufactured in our factories, undergoing strict quality controls.