Product for converting rust on concrete reinforcement, prior to the application of CIMREP 1 and/or CIMREP 2 Repair Mortars.
  • Bottles of 1 and 5 litres.

6 months from the manufacturing date, in its original sealed packaging, in a dry place, protected from sunlight, and at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Ready-to-use product, composed of binding agents, water, and chemical admixtures.

1. Preparation of the surface

  • Ready to apply with a roller or brush.
  • Clean rusty surfaces to remove any non-adherent rust and traces of grease.
  • On surfaces exposed to more aggressive atmospheres, such as maritime or industrial environments, remove the formed soluble salts by washing with clean water.

2. Application

  • Apply manually with a brush or short-haired brush to force product penetration.
  • After application, wait for the product to change its colour to dark blue, indicating that all rust has been converted. If this colour does not appear, a second coat will be necessary.
  • Wait for 24 hours before applying consecutive coats.
  • If used in concrete reinforcement repair, apply CIMRep A Bonding Primer within 48 hours after the final coat of this product.

  • Do not apply in extreme temperatures: <5ºC and >30ºC.
  • Do not apply on frozen surfaces and avoid strong winds and exposure to intense sunlight.
  • Do not add other products.
  • Never add water. If rain falls on the surface before complete reaction, the application must be restarted.
  • Refer to the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.

Drying Time: Approximately 24 hours

Density at 20ºC: 1,00 ± 0,02 kg/litre

Yields: 18 to 20 litres/m2