CEM I 42,5 R


25 ton truck with self discharge means and properly sealed
Bulk ±25 tonnes
*For exportation purpose, please contact our Sales Department

Plasticized pallet - single-use
72 Bags of 25 kg - 1800 kg

Cimento constituído por mais de 95% de clínquer. Indicado para variadas aplicações: argamassas industriais, betão armado e pré-esforçado, caldas de injeção e fibrocimento. De uso generalizado em obras subterrâneas e trabalhos de geotecnia. Particularmente adequado para ambientes que induzam carbonatação.

Clinker ≥ 95%;
Additional minor constituents ≤ 5%;
Calcium sulfate as setting regulator.

  • Chemical
    • Loss on ignition ≤ 5,0%;
    • Insoluble residue ≤ 5,0%;
    • Sulfate content (SO3) ≤ 4,0%;
    • Chloride content (Cl-) ≤ 0,10%;
  • Physical
    • Initial setting time ≥ 60 min;
      Soundness ≤10 mm.
  • Mechanical
    • Compressive strength
    • Minimum values
    • 2 days: 20,0 MPa;
    • 28 days: 42,5 MPa.
  • Reinforced concrete
    • All strength classes, especially those in the range of C30/37 to C45/55;
    • High performance at 28 days;
  • Precast concrete products
    • Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structural elements;
  • Road pavements
    • Concrete surface layers for high traffic roads;
  • General purpose grout.

Minimum growth curve

  • High early strength development;
  • High strength at all standard ages;
  • Particularly suitable for environmental exposure class XC.
  • Attend the standard minimum cement content and maximum water/cement ratio;

  • Provide adequate protection and cure according to corresponding standards;

  • Keep framework and scaffolding in place until required strength is obtained;

  • Ready-mix concrete: avoid long time transportation;

  • Hot and dry weather placing.

  • Aggressive environments – water and soils;
  • Mass concrete;
  • General purpose mortars.
  • Wear proper protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection equipment;
  • When bagged it contains Chromium (VI) reducing agent. Its expiration date is two months after the bagging date, as long as the storage conditions stated in the bag are respected;
  • For more information, check the Safety Data Sheet, available at www.cimpor.com


Aproveitamento Hidroelétrico do Baixo Sabor

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